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Established in 2004, Pure Touch Soccer offers an Elite High Performance soccer training experience for those individuals that want to take there game to the next level. We do that by offering different training programs for the  individual in order to get the best results . We have studied different philosophies and training methods from around the world and brought it here to make our players good enough to compete and potentially DOMINATE at the higher levels. Our low player to coach ratio allows us to be specific and detail oriented in our soccer teaching methods which transforms to better results. Our soccer clinics are designed specifically to help build the skill, strength, speed, smarts and stamina in order to help every athlete achieve their goals. We have helped develop some of the top male and female soccer players in the province. We continue to do whatever it takes to make sure that the athletes that train with us at Pure Touch Academy build their CONFIDENCE so that they believe in themselves and their abilities to play at the next level. We don't only train them technical skills but we train them life skills  as well.  We want to make sure that your child has the best soccer experience of there life.  We are looking forward to working with your child and watch there skills develop and achieve there goals. Some of the soccer players that we have had the privilege to develop play on the Canadian National Team, TFC, NCAA, OPDL, Ontario Provincial programs, and they are....(read more)


We are looking for qualified instructors who are passionate about the game of soccer and enjoys working with children. CLICK HERE for more information. Thank you.

“Pure Touch Soccer has produced and continues to produce the region’s top players. Many of Angelo’s players have gone on to national and international playing careers and many have earned athletic scholarships at top colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. There is no better champion for players with the skill, character, and passion for the game than Angelo Donia. Whatever your goal is, Angelo has the route to get you there if you are willing to do the work and believe in yourself and the Pure Touch system!

It is a pleasure and a privilege to call Angelo Donia my friend and coaching mentor. I will continue to recommend Angelo Donia and the Pure Touch Soccer Academy to any player that is looking to improve their technical and tactical play and maximize their potential.”

“Nick loves and respects you. You are by far his favorite coach. You have not only taught him how to receive and move the ball but also how to survive. He is always excited to go to Pure Touch and you are the reason he has improved so much since I first brought him to you at U-11. When I compare the speed of thought, 1st touch, passing and movement off the ball to players that Nick started out with and who never did Pure Touch, there is any comparison. Your training is second to none and we have been everywhere and are very happy with the decision that we made. Pure Touch drills are so complicated, fast-paced, quick thinking and technical that no other program comes close. You know that many parents at games from other teams think that Nick is a left footer. The technical aspect of Pure Touch is the best and the quality of the small-sided games that you provide is better than many of the teams he has been on. The small-sided games are the best that I have ever seen. Players that don’t normally play together can make 12 passes in progression to finishing. In fact, these small-sided games have been more beneficial to Nicholas’ development than most of the teams Nicholas has played on. Pure Touch Camps are excellent. As a player gets older, parents tend to skip camps. With Pure Touch, you have nothing to fear. Angelo will make the experience challenging even if he has to challenge the player against coaches. I know that from personal experience. Pure Touch provides TOTAL TRAINING. PERIOD. In my experience, there isn’t a better coach than Angelo around. If I had to do it again, I would have enrolled Nick in every Pure Touch practice and made the rep soccer secondary. You won’t find a more professional, honorable and honest coach. There is zero politics. I highly recommend Coach Angelo and Pure Touch to anyone. It is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you for all the hard work that you and your staff provide to all the players that want to take their game to the next level.”
Bob Lum

“I would like to thank Mr. Angelo Donia for his guidance and help in coaching and developing me as an elite soccer player. He is one of very few North American coaches who focusses his training sessions on technical and tactical components of the game. Any serious player wanting to progress in the game of soccer should experience his methods and ways of coaching and training. The Pure Touch program is the way to go!”

Matthew Citta (Frosinone Calcio Italy & Woodbridge Italia OSL)

"Angelo brings a lot of passion and knowledge to the game of soccer. He makes you understand where to be with and without the ball. If you want to improve your game and take it to the next level you should attend his training sessions and camps."

Frank Spadafina (NSL MVP & Former Toronto Lynx Player)

"Angelo's training is an intense program ideal for the aspiring player wanting to make it to the next level. He makes the game simple to understand and enjoyable to learn"

Phil Caporrella (Toronto Lynx, Mtl Impact & Familicao FC)

"My daughter, Emily, has been attending the Pure Touch Soccer Academy and working with Angelo Donia for the past five years. Angelo and his staff have been able to help her to begin to realize her dreams of one-day playing soccer at the highest levels. Thanks to Angelo and Pure Touch, she has continued to play on the top team in York Region since U8, she was selected to participate in the York Region District program and she was selected to the U12 National Team to represent Canada at the Danone Nations Cup in London England in September 2013. Without the support and superior training she receives at Pure Touch, this would not have been possible. Keep up the good work Angelo, thanks !!".

Monica and Keith Lazenby

"Angelo Donia is the real deal with incredible qualifications. If you truly want your child to learn how to play soccer, to truly develop his/her soccer skills, to be a complete soccer player, to build confidence, to always enjoy and love the game I fully recommend Angelo Donia. Whatever your current level is Angelo Donia will develop you to the best you can possibly be".

John Mantello
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